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Welcome to the Flexaust Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) archive. Please check back often as we will constantly be updating this section. If you’d like to receive new FAQs by email, sign up for the Flexaust Newsletter.

Floor Care Hoses

What type of vacuum equipment does your hose work on?

Flexaust offers a complete selection of floor care hoses for industrial and commercial equipment including canister, back pack, hand held, and upright vacuums. Scrubber hoses, carpet cleaning and car wash hoses are also included in the Flexaust offering. Floor care applications tend to be a bit more customized and equipment specific. The engineers at Flexaust, through their expertise, will design a turnkey solution for your floor care application.

Does Flexaust offer end fittings for floor care vacuum hose?

Flexaust offers a wide variety of cuffs, connectors, custom molded fittings and end finishes for all floor care vacuum hoses, creating a finished assembly.

General Questions

Is there a difference between ducting and flexible hose?

Ducting typically implies larger diameter, low pressure applications usually involving air. Flexible hose suggests small to large diameter hose that can handle vacuum, as well as, slightly higher pressures than standard ducting.  Flexible hose is ideal for handling air, fume, dust and light weight material handling applications. Flexaust manufactures a variety of flexible hose & ducting with a wide range of vacuum, pressure and temperature ratings.

Where can I purchase Flexaust product?

Flexaust sells our products through Master Distributors.  Please call 800-343-0428 for a distributor near you.

How many stocking locations do you have?

We have five stocking locations.  They are in Warsaw IN, Amesbury MA, Las Vegas NV, Houston TX and Atlanta GA.

Do you have a Chemical Resistance Guide chart for your flexible hoses?

Flexaust provides a chemical guide chart that rates hose materials from A (excellent) to D (not recommended) depending on the chemical being used with the flexible hose. Please consult the inside sales team with questions.

Where do I find technical information on a Flexaust product?

Every Flexaust product has a Technical Data sheet (in PDF format) attached on the specific product page. You will find information on vacuum, pressure, bend radius, etc. You will be able to download from a product page.