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With a dedication to problem-solving and innovation, Flexaust can deliver quality products to help meet the needs of your air, dust, fume, lightweight materials, severe service, industrial and commercial vacuum, and vacuum attachments. We carry a complete line of ducting and flexible hose products that are the perfect solution for a multitude of commercial and industrial challenges.

Market Applications of Industrial Hoses

Our line of industrial hose offerings find application in a diverse set of industries, including but not limited to the following markets:

Agriculture Industry

Agricultural applications require specific hose types that can withstand harsh environmental conditions, chemicals, and more. Our agricultural hoses contain a spring steel wire helix for reinforcement purposes. When necessary, other styles are constructed of plastic with a smooth interior and outer plastic helix. Our hoses can also be manufactured using FDA-acceptable materials to meet sensitivity guidelines and requirements. 

Flexaust® industrial hoses can meet the demands of most agricultural applications, including:

Grain Vac Transfer. The Flexaust Flex-Tube® GV-GW is extremely flexible, making it the perfect solution for grain vacuuming and high-volume material handling applications. Constructed of heavy-weight clear polyurethane, the hose consists of an embedded copper grounding wire and a sturdy black external PVC helix. The enclosed grounding wire helps reduce static build-up and is ideal for handling light bulk quantities of dry materials. This hose is lightweight, easy to handle, and useful in applications that require excellent hydrolysis, adequate airflow, microbial resistance, extreme abrasion and tear resistance, and high tensile strength. 

Cotton Picking. Driven by an engine, these flexible suction hoses and suction heads pick cotton pneumatically. A cotton harvesting system consists of industrial hoses mounted on a saddle tractor that works in tandem with a bale-tying mechanism to bale the cotton as soon as it is picked. It is essential to use the correct hose to eliminate the risk of failure. Recommended products include T-7SRFlex-Tube PU, and Flx-Thane MD hoses.

Straw Blowing. The Flexaust FSP-2 double-ply fabric hose made of black PVC vinyl coated polyester features impressive chemical, mildew, and moisture resistance. An external PVC wearstrip offers drag resistance, low friction loss, and external abrasion protection. Commonly used for straw blowing, the hose is UL 94V-0 flame retardant. Other recommended industrial hoses for this application include the Flx-Thane MD and Flx-Thane HD hoses.

Tractor Pull Exhaust Systems. Extreme temperature resistance is a priority in all tractor pull exhaust hoses. The double-ply construction of our Flex-Lok 1050 includes a heat-resistant fiberglass silver liner that increases tensile strength for a longer lifespan. The external aluminum-coated fiberglass provides outstanding abrasion resistance and is ideal for engine-related applications. Other recommended Flexaust products for tractor pull exhaust systems include the NSGSFlex-Lok 1200CWC-W, and ACT.

Chemical Industry

The chemical industry has strict criteria for industrial hoses that come in contact with harsh and often volatile substances. At Flexaust, we offer flexible hose solutions for chemical applications such as:

Chemical Plants. Hoses used in chemical plants must be resistant to extreme temperatures and chemicals. Our Flex-Lok HP, T-7, and Bendway Plus hoses offer the ideal solution for applications exposed to corrosive materials. These durable and flexible solutions offer resistance to abrasion and performance across a wide temperature range.

Chemical Fume Extraction. When extracting and exhausting chemical fumes, hoses must feature excellent chemical resistance while providing optimal airflow. At Flexaust, we offer a range of solutions for chemical fume extraction, including WL-V-20, Flex-Lok TCF, ACT, R-2, CW-325, FSP-1, Bendway S, Flex-Tube EF, and Bendway Plus.

Construction Industry

Flexaust’s FX-550 and FX-400 offer the ideal solution for various construction applications, including:

Cement Drying. The FX-400 is a suitable solution for residential and commercial cement drying and work area heating. Able to withstand low and high temperatures, the lightweight design offers great compressibility and external abrasion and drag resistance. 

Portable/Temporary Heating. The FX-550 features a sewn construction that offers superior performance in varying temperature fluctuations, and it provides better airflow compared to other sewn hoses. Its light weight makes it suitable for higher temperatures in dehumidification and portable/temporary heating applications.

Chemical Fume Extraction. The polyurethane exterior coating on the FX-400 industrial hose increases abrasion, tear, and puncture resistance while allowing for optimal performance when exposed to oil, chemicals, and fuel. Combined with the FX-550, the hoses provide an economical resource for managing high heat environments.

Floor Care

Flexaust offers a wide range of janitorial/sanitation hose solutions for floor care applications. Our industrial vacuum hoses are available in a wide variety of materials, sizes, and shapes to accommodate all types of floors and cleaning situations. Choosing the proper industrial vacuum hoses and attachments for floor maintenance purposes will save money, time, and labor.

Most of the floor care hoses manufactured by Flexaust consist of:

Polyethylene. The lightweight, smooth material is versatile and easy to maintain and clean. The material lends itself to easy portability and handling, offering a vast range of benefits in the floor care industry.

PVC. For jobs that require more demanding cleaning, PVC is notably stronger than other materials and offers more abrasion resistance, yet is still considered easy to handle.

Thermoplastic Rubber. Exceptionally durable with great tear strength, thermoplastic rubber is optimal in applications that require frequent movement over uneven surfaces.

Food and Beverage Processing

Companies that work with food and beverages must use equipment that complies with strict standards for sanitation and food safety. Food-grade hoses are designed using FDA-acceptable materials to ensure the safe and clean transfer of food materials. Flexaust offers a variety of industrial food-grade hoses that vary in size, temperature rating, and pressure rating to meet customers’ precise specifications.

Key characteristics of our food-grade hoses include:

Non-Toxic, Non-Metal Construction
Excellent Durability
Ability to Maintain Certain Pressure Conditions
Odorless and Tasteless Design

High-Temperature Operations

Flexaust’s high-temperature hoses come in various configurations to enable air and fume movement through industrial equipment and systems. Depending on your needs, our high-temperature hoses come with varying flexibilities and operating temperature ranges, and they come in materials such as:

Teflon® Fabric. This material is ideal for ventilating harsh chemicals. Hoses made with this material feature a sealed exterior to prevent dangerous fumes from escaping.

Coated Fabric. High-temperature coated fabric hoses, such as our Flex-Lok collection, come in many combinations such as single-ply neoprene-coated polyester fabric and silicone-coated fiberglass. These hoses can withstand temperatures up to 1200 °F.

Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR). This durable and lightweight high-temperature material offers great abrasion resistance and temperature resistance up to 275 °F.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Hoses for industrial vacuum cleaners must be able to handle various chemicals, debris, abrasive forces, and other conditions found in industrial settings. At Flexaust, we offer industrial vacuum cleaning solutions in many shapes, sizes, and materials to meet the needs of various facilities and industrial applications. For example, our industrial vacuum cleaner hoses and tools can be used in back pack vacuum cleaners, dust collection vacuum cleaners, central vacuum cleaners, and much more.

Landscaping Applications

Our lawn and leaf collection of hoses are long-lasting, easy to use, durable, and designed for superior flexibility. Our products range in use from residential and light-duty landscaping projects to heavy-duty commercial applications. Depending on your needs, we offer the following landscaping solutions:

Residential – Tractor Vacuums: Flex-Tube PV and Flex-Tube PU

Light-duty Commercial/Landscaping – Truck Loaders: Flexadux LCDC and Flexadux HT-W

Heavy-Duty Commercial – Municipal Loaders: Flx-Thane HD and Flx-Thane VHD

Plastics Industry

Flexaust offers a wide range of flexible hose solutions suitable for ventilation, material handling, dust collection, fume extraction, and high-temperature applications within the plastics industry. These products include:

CW-325. This lightweight and flexible hose is UL-94V-0 flame retardant and ideal for air and fume handling applications.

Flx-Thane SD. This medium-weight hose offers great abrasion and chemical resistance and offers a great solution for material plastic processing applications.

GS. Our GS hose can withstand high temperatures, ozone, fungus, alkalis, water, and solvents. Its high-temperature resistance and non-kinking design make it ideal for plastic processing applications.

Static Control

Static control hoses are crucial in highly volatile industrial environments to prevent the production of sparks that could lead to fires or explosions. We offer anti-static hoses in several lengths and materials to meet the needs of various temperature and environmental requirements. Our static control hoses include both static dissipative and static conductive designs to mitigate or prevent static electricity to ensure operational safety.

Transportation Industry

We offer a wide variety of industrial hoses that are beneficial for applications in the transportation industry. Common uses include:

Bus Ventilation
Cab Ventilation
Vehicle Exhaust Systems


Proper ventilation is critical across various industries, especially those working with dangerous fumes, dust, smoke, VOCs, and other chemicals. At Flexaust, we offer a large selection of ventilation hoses that ensure optimal air movement. All of our ventilation hoses are designed to handle fumes, dust, air, and more so you can improve air quality and create safe working conditions throughout your facilities.

Woodworking Industry

Woodworking facilities generate large amounts of airborne contaminants that can pose a risk to workers and equipment. Industrial hose solutions from Flexaust can move dangerous airborne contaminants away from work areas to enhance overall air quality while protecting machinery and personnel. Our woodworking hoses can meet the needs of various applications, including dust collection, static control, cyclones, and CNC routers. 

Selecting the Right Type of Hose for Your Application

When choosing industrial hoses for your industry or application, it’s essential to select the option that best fits your requirements and restrictions. Consider the following factors:

Size. Consider the length, outer diameter (OD), and inner diameter (ID) of your industrial hoses. Ill-fitting hoses can lead to leaks, damage, and non-compliance with strict industry standards.

Application. Consider the specific requirements and conditions of your application, such as the presence of static, temperature, whether it will be used indoors or outdoors, and more. This will help you determine the best design, material, and fittings.

Material. Consider not only the construction material of the hose but also the types of materials that will be running through them. For example, specific hoses can handle highly corrosive materials while others cannot.

Hose Types

Flexaust focuses on the following types of industrial hoses:

Material Handling Hoses. Material handling hoses are typically used to move dry powders and products, including various abrasives, food powders, and more.

Chemical Fume Extraction Hoses. These hoses are often used to ventilate fumes formed by harsh process chemicals. As such, they feature good chemical resistance.

Dust Collection Hoses. Dust collection hoses can collect woodchips, dust, and other fine materials found in various commercial and industrial applications.

Ventilation Hoses. Ventilation hoses work with fumes, smoke, gas, air, and other pollutants. Manufacturing, agricultural, chemical, and other industries that work with dangerous gasses and fumes rely on ventilation hoses to move dangerous gasses and particulates away from equipment and personnel.

High-Temperature Hoses. High-temperature hoses are suitable for commercial and industrial applications that involve high operating temperatures. A common application of this is the transfer of hot air in vehicle exhaust systems.

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