Woodworking Applications of Industrial Hoses

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Industrial hoses are high-performance hoses that are designed to handle the complex demands of industrial production. Woodworking facilities can face airborne contaminants such as chemicals, VOCs, dust, fumes, and smoke residue. Untreated, these pose a serious hazard for equipment and employees. An industrial hose from Flexaust can move airborne contaminants away from products and work areas to improve overall air quality and protect people and machinery.

Uses and Applications

Our industrial hoses can collect and dispose of airborne hazards from work areas to minimize buildup and enhance safety. Common applications include:

  • Dust Collection. Dust collection hoses are essential for safety and worker health in any facility. As dust, wood shavings, plastics, powders, and other grinding material collects, it can exacerbate allergies and cause respiratory irritation in workers or restrict critical airflow to machinery. Dust expelled from air vents may also settle on production lines and impact product quality.
  • Static Control. The risk of static discharge sparking dust and causing a fire in a home shop or small commercial facility can be low. However, Flexaust components are built with protective elements to further minimize the risk of static discharge.
  • CNC Routers. Our industrial hoses can directly route dust and debris of CNC operations to a disposal system. Flexible hosing can be configured to transfer dust away from your CNC machines and workspace, no matter where they sit in the workshop.
  • Cyclones. Our solutions can incorporate cyclone separators that separate large chips and wood fragments away from dust for easier sorting and disposal.

Flexaust Hoses for the Woodworking Industry

At Flexaust, we provide a wide array of industrial hoses that manage air quality and debris generated in woodworking facilities. Our products include:

Dust Collection Hose

  • T-7. Medium weight black thermoplastic rubber hose reinforced with spring steel wire helix.
  • Flx-Thane LD. This lightweight hose comes in black and clear options and features a bronze coated spring steel wire helix.
  • Flx-Thane MD. This medium-weight reinforced hose comes in black and clear options and features a bronze coated spring steel wire helix.

Static Control Hose

  • Flx-Thane LD-SD. This lightweight polyurethane hose has a bronze-coated steel wire spring for added reinforcement.
  • Flx-Thane SD. This clear polyurethane hose has a bronze-coated steel wire reinforcement.
  • FlexStat. This clear polyurethane hose has an ABS helix and a copper grounding wire.

CNC Vacuum Hose & Accessories

  • Flex-Tube PU 60 HF. This heavy-duty polyurethane hose has an ABS helix for support.
  • Flex-Tube Bridge Clamps. Specially designed stainless steel band and welded stainless steel bridge with stainless steel screw. Fits over helix creating a  leak proof seal.
  • Flex-Tube Swivel Connector. Threads on end of Flex-Tube hoses making it easier to maneuver longer (connected) lengths of hose.

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Choose the Right Industrial Hose From Flexaust

Since 1938, Flexaust has been providing commercial and industrial facilities with flexible hoses that improve air quality and ventilation. We design all of our products to handle air, dust, fumes, and more so you can create safe working conditions throughout your woodworking facilities. Contact us today to learn more about our product capabilities or request a quote to place your order.