Static Control Products for Safer Operations

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Static electricity buildup occurs when electric charges accumulate on surfaces, often through friction. As two objects touch and separate, their surfaces pass these charges between them, with the positive ones on one surface and the negative on the other, creating an imbalance. Eventually, this buildup will release, or discharge. Under the right conditions, it can spark and ignite flammable materials or produce an explosion. With static control products from Flexaust, you help protect against both of these hazards for safer operations.

Facility Safety

When you experience a buildup of static electricity in your facility, there’s an increased risk of ignition, particularly if you work with or generate dusts, powders, wood chips, and related materials. Maintaining a clean workspace, taking a safety-first approach, and incorporating effective static control in your operation will help you avoid preventable static-induced explosions.

Dust explosions, for example, require combustible dust as the fuel, an ignition source like the spark from static electricity buildup, and oxygen. Flexaust hoses promote cleanliness and a safer environment for combustion prevention. Our hoses assist in ventilation and dust collection. By keeping your facility space clear of combustible dust, combined with the reduction of ignition sources like static electricity, you minimize the potential for explosions. Anti-static hoses either dissipate static electricity or conduct it to ground, effectively preventing static buildup.

Applications That Need Static Control

Static control products are applicable in numerous industries for effectively preventing combustion during material handling, processing, manufacturing, and storage tasks. They have common uses in the following sectors:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemical
  • Mining
  • Textiles
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food
Static Control Products for Safer Operations