Automotive Hoses

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Flexaust is a leading hose and ducting manufacturer serving a range of industrial and commercial markets. Our selection of high-temperature and other various automotive hoses function in very cold and warm weather, garages, fire stations, train exhaust systems, and exhausting applications around vehicles. 

Because our hoses are built to withstand different automotive type applications, they are typically used for:

  • Truck station exhaust vents
  • Reel drop hoses in fire stations
  • RV hoses (waste, potable water)
  • Racecar ventilation
  • Heaters and defrosters in buses and cargo trucks/limos
  • Cleaning/maintenance

If you’re looking for an industrial hose to serve one of these applications (or similar), read on for a guide to selecting the proper hose and accessories.

Automotive Hoses Properties and Characteristics 

In addition to being able to withstand environments with high temperatures and other harsh conditions. Flexaust hoses also have the following characteristics:

  • Excellent abrasion resistance 
  • Extreme flexibility and compressibility 
  • Flame retardancy 
  • Thermoplastic rubber clip cover protects helix reinforcement and connected equipment
  • Suitable for low-temperature and high fume removal applications

Generally, our standard minimum ID is 2” and standard maximum ID is 12”, but we can custom-manufacture sizes smaller or larger than these sizes upon request and depending on the specific product. Contact our team for pricing details.

Selecting the Right Hose for Your Automotive Application 

Step 1: Identify temperature and environment properties

Industrial hoses for specific automotive applications need to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh environments. To start selecting a hose for your automotive application, make sure you’re aware of the difference between flame retardant vs. flame resistant vs. high-temperature hoses, as each is specifically designed to withstand a certain level of heat and flame exposure.

Step 2: Select from our Flex-Lok® Product Family

Flexaust’s Flex-Lok® hoses are made from materials formed over galvanized or stainless steel metal clips and are mechanically crimped throughout the length of the hose. These clip hoses feature excellent chemical and abrasion resistance and come in different styles rated for service between -65 °F to 1,200 °F, depending on our customers’ specifications. They are also available in inner diameter (ID) sizes ranging from 3” to 20”. Because of these properties, they are best suited for extreme automotive exhausting applications.

What’s Flex-Lok®? — Flex-Lok® high-temperature hose product line features a reinforced construction. The material is mechanically crimped to form a clip that performs as an external wear strip. Flex-Lok® hoses come in diameters from 4” to 20” and have a standard length of 25 feet. The highest temperature Flex-Lok® hose can withstand up to 1200 °F. Common applications include:

  • Exhaust systems
  • Diesel/engine exhaust
  • Dynamometer testing
  • Garage exhaust
  • Vehicle exhaust
  • Reel and drop systems

Flex-Lok® hoses serve a crucial role in the automotive industry by effectively exhausting in harsh environments typical for this industry. All products are designed for optimal performance and durability.

For mid-range temperature applications, use CW-325 

This automotive hose is made of a one-ply acrylic-coated fabric with a spring steel wire helix reinforcement. The CW-325 is designed for moderate temperature applications up to 325 °F, and it is Listed as UL 94V-0 flame retardant. They are flexible and lightweight, available in 2” to 12” standard inner diameters and 25 feet in length. 

The CW-325 has plain ends, with options that include an external PVC wear strip and cuffs. There is also a two-ply, heavy-walled option available. 

Step 3: Customize with accessories

Auto Detailing 

At Flexaust, we offer a wide range of auto detailing and automotive vacuum hose products, including a 21P wand for vacuum cleaning, 321 utility tool for car wash vacuuming, and crevice tools and dust brushes for vacuuming difficult-to-reach areas. Browse the full line here

Brake Ducting 

Brake ducts channel air from a high pressure source to the brake rotor and allow the brakes to shed heat at a quicker rate. Flexaust offers four different brake ducting products, rated for different temperature ranges and constructed from various materials. You can select an automotive ducting hose from our list of products.

Cab Ventilation

These devices move heated air from the cabin interior to the exterior of the vehicle. Flexaust provides a range of cab ventilation products, all of which are reinforced with a helix design for maximum durability. View the specifications of each product here.

Car Wash 

These car cleaning vacuum hoses are great for use in wet or dry commercial and industrial applications. At Flexaust, we have a variety of hoses suitable for car washing that are highly resistant to abrasion and chemicals.


These hoses move heated air into the cabin interior using the heating and ventilation system. Flexaust offers a selection of automotive defroster or heater hoses, which you can find here.

Garage Exhaust 

Garage exhaust ducting helps protect inhabitants from exposure to potentially harmful gases and fumes by channeling it out of the garage or other confined spaces. We carry a wide range of high-quality exhaust hoses—see the complete product line here.

Limo A/C Duct 

A/C ducts in limos provide efficient, cool airflow throughout the limousine. Flexaust offers a variety of flexible limo A/C dusting hoses


We also serve off-road applications with products reinforced with a helix design for durability without losing flexibility. You can browse our off-road products here

RV Manufacturing 

Designed for RV manufacturing applications, we offer plenty of hoses like our certified hose for RV potable water(IAPMO) filling and draining. To see the complete list of RV manufacturing products, click here.

Race Car Helmet Ventilation 

These products provide efficient airflow throughout the helmet to cool the driver over wide temperature ranges. Flexaust offers five race car helmet ventilation hoses, which you can view here.

Transmission Cooling 

Transmission cooling hoses convey high-temperature air away from the transmission to keep it cool. Our transmission cooling hoses include these products

Why Flexaust 

With over 80 years of experience, Flexaust manufactures long-lasting, flexible hoses for industrial and commercial use. Some of these applications include dust, air, fume, vacuum, lightweight material, and severe service handling. Our experts manufacture hose products from a variety of materials—such as PVC, thermoplastic rubber, polyethylene, polyurethane, and neoprene—and we work closely with customers to meet or exceed their expectations.

Contact us today to learn more about our products or to start your order.