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Founded in 1938 as a flexible hose system supplier for the mining industry, Flexaust has since developed into a leading manufacturer of flexible hoses and ducting for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

Flexaust products are made from high-quality materials—such as PVC, thermoplastic rubbers, polyurethanes, neoprene polyesters, polyethylene, and silicone fiberglass—and demonstrate exceptional durability and longevity, making them suitable for use in even the harshest operational and environmental conditions. In particular, our industrial hose offerings find application in a diverse set of industries, including but not limited to the following markets:

· Agriculture

· Dust collection

· Food and beverage processing

· High-temperature operations

· Industrial vacuum cleaners

· Lawn and leaf collection

· Static control

· Ventilation

· Woodworking & furniture manufacturing

What Is an Industrial Hose?

The term “industrial hose” is a broad category that refers to hoses and ducts used for specific industrial purposes. Compared to consumer hoses, industrial hoses demonstrate greater durability and flexibility, allowing them to operate in complex or extreme environments without risk of collapsing, tearing, or weakening. They are also subject to strict regulations and production standards to ensure reliability and consistent performance.

There are many types of industrial hoses, but Flexaust focuses on the below:

· Chemical fume extraction hoses

· Material handling hoses

· Ventilation hoses

· Dust collection hoses

· High temperature hoses

How to Pick the Right Industrial Hose

Industrial hoses are often employed in critical air, fume, dust, severe service, and commercial vacuum operations, as well as light material handling. It is essential to choose the one best suited for the requirements and restrictions of the application. Some of the key factors to keep in mind when selecting an industrial hose include:


There are two critical measurements when it comes to industrial hose sizes: diameter and length.

The diameter of a hose can refer to either the outside—i.e., outer—diameter (OD) or the inside diameter (ID). Most industrial hose suppliers categorize their inventory by inside diameters. Keeping in mind an industrial hose’s ID is important because:

· Ill-fitting hoses are more likely to have leaks, even when used with the proper seals and field adjustments.

· Diameters that are too small or too large can facilitate improper flow rates or speeds, which can result in damage to the system.

· Some industries, such as the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, HVAC, or construction industries, have strict regulations that dictate hosing size requirements.

The length of a hose is also crucial as the hose needs to be able to accommodate bending and flexing during system operations without risk of kinks or tangling. While too short of a hose length can result in damage due to shrinkage under pressure, too long of a hose can cause friction-related damage.


The intended application for an industrial hose largely determines the type that should be used. For example:

· Whether it will be used in a facility or outdoors

· Whether it will be used in a blowing (PSI) or vacuum (Hg) application

· Whether it will need to be static dissipative

· Whether it will be exposed to high heat or freezing temperatures

All these factors and more will affect the ideal construction material, design, and fittings.


In regard to material, when it comes to industrial hoses, it’s important to consider both the material used to manufacture the hose and the material that will run through it. For example, while some rubber and plastic hoses can handle acidic or caustic compounds, others cannot.

In addition to helping industry professionals select the right type of hose for their project, these three considerations can also help them determine the types of fittings they need. Knowing the size, application, and materials employed prior to beginning the sourcing stage can help find the right materials faster.

Market Applications for Industrial Hoses

At Flexaust, our industrial hoses are designed to accommodate the specifications of a wide range of market applications. Some of the most common market applications for our products include:


Agricultural hoses are designed to handle a broad range of temperatures and environmental conditions. Many of these hoses are reinforced with bronze-coated spring helixes for additional structural support. Depending on the nature of the application, they may need to be manufactured only with FDA approved materials, especially for sensitive supply and processing applications.

Dust Collection

Industrial facilities need strong and reliable ventilation and cleaning systems they can trust as residual compounds from industrial operations, such as chemicals and material dust, can have a significant negative impact on human health and the quality standards of the parts and products produced.

Our selection of dust collection hoses features a lightweight and reinforced design with precise internal dimensions that facilitates optimal performance in dust collection systems. Many of our hoses also allow for easy inspections and replacements in the event of a clog.

Food and Beverage Processing

Food-grade hoses must employ materials approved or accepted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). All of our food-grade hoses are made with FDA-compliant materials, such as polyurethane and PVC, and demonstrate adequate moisture and chemical resistance for use in food and beverage processing operations.

High-Temperature Operations

We supply a variety of industrial hoses suitable for high-temperature conditions. These hose products accommodate maximum temperatures ranging from 245° F to 1200° F. They are also equally suitable for low-temperature applications ranging from -65° F to -15° F.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

We provide reinforced hoses for industrial vacuuming and cleaning. Our product inventory also includes specialized vacuum-related accessories to facilitate such operations, such as extension wands, squeegee tools, pipe cleaning tools, and floor tools.

Lawn and Leaf Collection

Our lawn and leaf collection hoses combine flexibility and structure in a single design that allows for easy use and durability. They feature long service lives, excellent resistance to moisture and ultraviolet radiation, and a reduced risk of friction-related damage and buildup or clogs.


Industrial hoses employed in ventilation operations often require high reliability and durability for use in long-term applications across several years or decades. Our ventilation hoses are reinforced to reduce the risk of collapses. They feature spring steel wire helixes that allow the tubes to bend within subceilings and confined building spaces without kinks. Many of our ventilation hoses come with an external PVC wear strip to reduce the risk of wear on the hose from its wire reinforcement.

Woodworking and Furniture Manufacturing

Woodworking and furniture building facilities often have a lot of dust and a high potential for unsafe chemical exposure. These facilities need reliable ventilation and cleaning systems to protect workers from potentially harmful compounds, such as sawdust, harsh sealing chemicals, dust build-up, static, and wood stains. We supply a wide variety of exterior and interior hoses that can help keep such facilities safe. This includes our static dissipative hoses that are tear and crush-resistant with a smooth interior to minimize friction and assure efficient material flow.

To learn more about other uses for our industrial hoses, see our comprehensive list of market applications.

Partner with Flexaust for Quality Industrial Hoses

Flexaust is a leading supplier of industrial flexible hoses suitable for use in a wide range of market applications. If you need an industrial hose for your next project, our team can help you find it. Contact us or request a quote to get started on your order today.