Floor Care

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At Flexaust, we are committed to manufacturing innovative, high-quality industrial and commercial hose and ducting solutions. Our knowledgeable team serves markets ranging from agriculture to woodworking, with flexible products for air, dust, and lightweight material handling. For the floor care industry, we provide vacuum hoses and accessories in a range of different materials and dimensions to handle multiple floor types and environments. Learn more about floor care hose applications, our available products, and how Flexaust can support your business.

Floor Care Applications of Industrial Hoses

Using hoses and tools designed with industrial applications in mind is the best way to effectively clean industrial environments. Flexaust offers industrial-grade products with the chemical, abrasion, and tear resistance you need for reliable floor care, no matter the surface or debris type. To reduce both the amount of time you spend on cleaning and equipment maintenance as well as the associated costs, we manufacture an extensive product line of commercial and industrial floor care hoses for applications/equipment including:

Industrial & Commercial Floor Care Application Materials

A variety of materials are used  for fabricating reliable, high-performance industrial and commercial hoses. Depending upon the needs of your application, Flexaust can utilize:

  • Polyethylene (PE). PE is a versatile option for industrial hose applications because of its light weight, chemical resistance, and simple maintenance for upkeep and cleaning.
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC). While PVC lacks the level of abrasion resistance found in PE, it is an affordable material that offers good flexibility.
  • Thermoplastic rubber (TPR). As a thermoplastic material, this chemical- and tear-resistant rubber performs well and retains optimal flexibility in high and low temperatures. It’s capable of withstanding hotter temperatures than PE or PVC.
  • Polyurethane (PUR). This material has superior resistance capabilities, excelling in industrial applications that must withstand significant abrasion. Polyurethane is also resistant to chemicals, punctures, and tears.
  • Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). This engineering thermoplastic is an economical material choice with good machinability for simple fabrication. Its stiffness makes its high impact strength possible, and it forms and performs well at both high and low temperatures.

Of these, PE, PVC, and thermoplastic rubber are the most common materials we use in our floor care hoses.

Industrial Hose Accessories for Floor Care

The accessories for industrial hoses vary greatly, despite the similarities between the hoses themselves. Each connector, adapter, and cuff is unique in its dimensions and design, and you’ll need to choose the accessories that fit your particular equipment and application to successfully join components and make a functioning system. This streamlines industrial and commercial cleaning operations while offering greater versatility in floor care techniques.


Industrial Floor Care

  • Carpet tools. Our aluminum, high-performance industrial carpet tools and replacement components are well-suited to all carpet types and are available in varying sizes and materials for optimal versatility. They’re capable of handling both dry and wet pick-up applications in industrial carpet-cleaning systems and water vacuums.
  • Floor brushes. We offer a selection of industrial floor brushes in aluminum with nylon bristles and varying neck sizes and widths. These brushes are applicable for dry pick-up applications on all bare-surface types.
  • Specialty tools. To handle specialty applications, Flexaust’s solutions include pipe cleaning tools, gulper tools, wall brushes, wheeled tools, combo tools, and a range of replacement parts.
  • Squeegee tools. Our industrial squeegee tools and replacement components like necks and blades come in varying materials and sizes to successfully perform wet pick-up applications on bare or rough surfaces. Some of the squeegees we offer are particularly resistant to grease and oil.

Commercial Floor Care

  • Carpet tools. Flexaust’s commercial carpet care tools are capable of handling wet or dry pick-up in applications ranging from commercial, janitorial, and residential carpet cleaning operations to sanitation or restoration projects. We utilize materials like PVC and ABS to manufacture carpet floor care tools per your size and material requirements.
  • Floor brushes. We provide an array of standard and friction fit commercial floor brushes and related parts for diverse dry pick-up applications. Whether you need soft, medium, or stiff bristle materials or brushes applicable for tight spaces, Flexaust’s product catalog has you covered for cleaning carpeted, bare-, and hard-surface flooring.
  • Kits. To cover a range of applications, we provide various commercial kits for car cleaning, central vacuums, workshops, and wet/dry operations, along with a selection of accessory kits.
  • Overhead cleaning tools. Commercial cleaning tools such as extension wands, pipe cleaning tools, and related replacement components facilitate efficient overhead vacuum-cleaning tasks, even for those tough-to-reach spots, ceilings, and more.
  • Specialty tools. You can address carpet and floor care for specialized applications with our commercial specialty tools, which include friction fit carpet tools, pipe cleaning tools, wheeled specialty floor tools, and more.
  • Squeegee tools. For greater versatility, we offer standard and friction fit squeegee tools and replacement parts to handle wet pick-up applications on a broad spectrum of surfaces in commercial settings.

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Backed by over eight decades of experience, the Flexaust team has the expertise and comprehensive solutions to help you achieve a high-quality clean on almost any surface with commercial and industrial floor care products. Contact us to learn more about our floor care tools, or request a quote today.