Agriculture Applications of Industrial Hoses

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Flexaust manufactures flexible, durable hoses for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. Agricultural settings, in particular, require hoses that can withstand harsh environmental conditions, including the chemicals used in fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. Below is an overview of the common applications of industrial hoses in agricultural settings, as well as the products we offer to meet these demands.

Industrial hoses can be used in a variety of agricultural applications, such as:

– Grain vacuuming

– Grain silos

– Cotton picking

– Straw blowing

– Tractor pull exhaust systems

– Seeders

– Railcar offloading

Considerations & Accessories for Agricultural Hoses

Agricultural applications usually require hoses made of heavy-duty materials that can resist chemicals and abrasion. For this reason, the hoses are often supported by an external plastic helix or a spring steel wire helix. Some applications may require contamination-free hoses, which can be produced with FDA-acceptable materials.

When selecting agricultural hoses, take the following features into consideration:

– Knowing the difference between flame resistant vs. flame retardant and what your application requires

– Meeting UL 94V-0 requirements

– Diameter/length/size requirements

– Extreme temperature capabilities

– Whether the application may be flammable and require an anti-static hose

– UV stability/resistance

– Connections/cuffs/fittings

– Durability

– Flexibility

Also consider whether you’ll need to add the following accessories to your industrial hose:

– Branches

– Connectors

– Bridge clamps

– Swivel connectors

– Latch locks

Materials Used for Agricultural Hoses

The right hose material for your specific agricultural use will depend on several key considerations, which you can learn more about from our new eBook. Generally, these materials are best suited for agricultural applications due to their durability and abrasion resistance:

– Polyurethane (heavy weight available)

– Thermoplastic rubber

– Polyethylene

– PVC/polyester

Flexaust Hoses for the Agricultural Market

We offer the following high-quality hose products for agricultural applications:

T-7: This black thermoplastic rubber hose is medium weight and reinforced by a spring steel wire helix.

Flx-Thane VHD: This very heavy weight polyurethane hose is available in clear or black models and comes reinforced by a spring steel wire helix coated with bronze.

Flx-Thane HD: This is the heavy weight version of the Flx-Thane product.

Flx-Thane MD: This is the medium weight model of the Flx-Thane hose.

Flx-Thane SD: Flx-Thane SD is a clear, medium weight static dissipative hose made of polyurethane. It is supported by a bronze-coated spring steel wire helix.

Flex-Tube PU: This is a clear, medium weight coextruded polyurethane hose with a yellow external ABS helix.

Flex-Tube GV-GW: This clear hose is very flexible and heavy, with an external PVC helix reinforcement and embedded copper grounding wire.

Commercial: Our commercial polyethylene copolymer hoses come in gray or black, reinforced with a polyethylene helix.

FlexStat 60 and FlexStat 80: These hose products are static dissipative and very heavy weight, reinforced with a rigid external ABS helix and copper braided grounding wire.

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