How to Choose the Right Vacuum Kit for Your Applications

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Dirt, dust, grime, wood shavings and wet and dry messes on floors can cause accidents and even explosions in industrial settings.

Effective cleaning and maintenance is one-part meticulousness (make cleaning a habit instead of an afterthought), and one-part having the right equipment. The right vacuum kit will help you keep your facility clean and free of debris.

Selecting the Right Vacuum Kit for Your Applications

Vacuum kits are comprised of:

  • Hose and ducting
  • Cuffs and connectors
  • Extendable wands
  • Floor tools
  • Utility attachments like upholstery tools, dust brushes and pick up nozzles

But not all elements are made equal.

  • Hoses must be selected on the basis of their size, the temperatures they can handle, the media they can accommodate (will it be wood shavings, dust or lint?), the pressure they can bear and finally the application in which they’re cleared for use.
  • Cuffs, connectors and adapters are made of plastic, chrome steel or aluminium. Variants are also identified for the type of coupling they offer.
  • The floor and utility tools are differentiated on the basis of their ability to pick up wet and dry debris from carpeted, smooth or rough surfaces and from nooks or crevices.

To guarantee a generous return on cleaning equipment investments, a fair bit of decision making is required. To make things easier, vacuum kits are available to complement motor power and application type.

Kit Choices from Flexaust:

Flexaust is a leader in custom hose manufacturing. Learn about the range of vacuum kits available:

  • If you are looking for general pick up in commercial settings, the Commercial MRO Pick-up Kit is your best bet.
  • Industrial general pick-up is incomplete without the Industrial MRO kits.
  • Complete tool kits for industrial wet and dry pick-up, INDKIT-1 & INDKIT-2 are popular choices.
  • Specially assembled to keep woodworking stations spotless, the WOODKIT is nothing short of effective.

You can explore more options here or order a product sample to see accessories in action.