National Safety Month

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Workplace safety should always be on our minds. Many of us spend one-third or more of our day at work, with it coming in only behind your home as where you spend the most time. Every work place should strive to provide the safest working conditions possible, but not everyone keeps it in the front of their minds. This is where National Safety Month comes in.

National Safety Month
Every June, the National Safety Council celebrates National Safety Month, helping to bring awareness to the safety issues that are faced not only in the workplace, but also in the home, community, and out on the road ways. These issues can range from clear and easy-to recognize issues, to more complicated that are not as easy to fix. National Safety Month serves a reminder that we need to focus more on safety. During the month, the Council provides a variety of resources that can be printed out, posted, handed out, or otherwise disseminated to the work force. From safety checklists, to online webinars, the National Safety Council provides all the tools needed to help promote National Safety Month.

Flexaust and Safety
Flexaust products are used around the world to help maintain clean air and to help remove static from the atmosphere. This is particularly important in areas where fumes can build up or can be dangerous, helping to remove particulates from the working environment. Indoor air quality is an often-overlooked part of the safety of an environment, but you should be able to be confident that the air you are breathing in all day is not going to damage your respiratory system. They also help to remove static from the air, another safety issues that is often overlooked, helping to avoid static shock or static damage to sensitive components.

Using the right hose for the job is important, which is why utilizing color-coding is important. You don’t want to connect the wrong hoses for incorrect purposes, so having custom-colored hoses allows you to ensure that the proper connections are made. After all, you don’t want your exhaust hose to flow into a part of the system that pushes it back into the work space. At Flexaust we offer color choices for our hoses to help you design your setup to be as safe as possible.

So join us at Flexaust in observing National Safety Month. We will utilize this time to improve on our in-house safety, and increase or daily efforts to provide a clean, safe workplace for our employees. If air quality is on your checklist for safety improvements, make sure to contact us here at Flexaust to find out how we can provide top-notch hoses and more for your exhaust needs.