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Industrial spaces require industrial-grade cleaning solutions that can handle the various debris, chemicals, abrasive forces, and other factors common in industrial operations. Flexaust offers floor care equipment and industrial vacuum hose options to suit the varying needs of a broad range of industrial applications and facility types.

Industrial Vacuum Hoses and Tools

Our comprehensive product line of vacuum hoses and tools contains a solution for nearly any industrial setting.

Industrial Vacuum Hoses for Floor Care

In an industrial facility, small changes to floor care equipment can make a large difference at scale. Our industrial vacuum hoses come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials to account for all floor types and cleaning situations. Selecting the optimal industrial vacuum attachments and hoses for specific needs saves time, labor, and expenses on floor maintenance and care over time.

Common Floor Care Hose Materials

There are many types of floor care hoses to suit an equally broad range of use cases. Most of our hoses are made from one of these three materials:

• Polyethylene. This lightweight, versatile material has a wide range of benefits for industrial hoses. Polyethylene is a smooth material, making it easy to maintain and clean. The material’s light weight facilitates easy handling and portability.

• PVC. PVC is notably stronger and more abrasion-resistant than polyethylene. This mechanical toughness makes it a good fit for settings that are a bit more demanding but still require considerable ease of use.

• Thermoplastic rubber. Thermoplastic rubber has great tear strength, making it exceptionally durable for vacuuming applications that involve movement over rough surfaces.

Floor Care Cuffs, Connectors, and Adapters

Floor Equipment Types

While most industrial vacuum hoses are relatively similar in design and function, the associated cuffs, connectors, and adapters are highly specialized to particular situations and needs. They allow hoses of different orientations and diameters to fit together into larger networks used to streamline and expand available floor care methods. By investing in the right connectors and adapters, you can craft a floor care system that pinpoints important areas and incorporates essential functionalities.

Types of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners: Different Hose and Tool Options

Here at Flexaust, we manufacture hoses for many types of industrial vacuum cleaners, each tailored to a specific industry, use case, or specialization.

Backpack vacuum cleaners. Simultaneously portable and powerful, these work well for large spaces where a few people are responsible for maintaining a wide area.

Canister vacuums. These slim solutions are ideal for cleaning tight corners and hard-to-reach surfaces. Since they are intentionally lightweight, most use PVC or polyethylene hoses.

Carwash vacuum systems. Built for ample power, these systems often incorporate heavy-duty thermoplastic rubber hoses that allow for maximum durability.

Central vacuum cleaners. These vacuum cleaners consist of a body which attaches to a large number of hoses. Keeping the air chamber of the vacuum separate and central makes it easy to maneuver the vacuum hoses around a space, but it also requires cuffs and adapters to link the pieces together.

Commercial vacuum systems. With wide bases and powerful suction, commercial vacuum systems are ideal for large organizations with a lot of square feet to manage.

Dust collection vacuum cleaners. Dust can be a hazard to both machine and human health—especially in manufacturing plants and factories. These dust-focused vacuum cleaners take care of dangerous buildup.

Extractor vacuums. Extractor vacuums use hot water to dislodge debris and dirt from the floor. This requires multiple types of hosing that can withstand temperature changes.

Handheld vacuums. Handheld vacuums are highly portable, but still rugged enough to handle industrial cleaning.

Industrial carpet cleaning systems. Carpet cleaning systems are powerful and incorporate the most durable hoses to ensure the maximum suction necessary to remove tough stains and debris from carpets.

Industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaners. Wet and dry vacuum cleaners may be used to clean up wet spills or dry dust and debris.

Portable extractor vacuums. Like full-sized extractor vacuums, these machines use hot water and portable, lightweight hoses to deep clean surfaces.

Scrubber cleaners. Extra strong bristles and a circular scrubbing motion separate scrubber cleaners from other vacuum options.

Shampooer vacuums. In addition to cleaning through suction, these vacuums add cleanser to the cleaning process.

Upright vacuum cleaners. With wide bodies and strong suction power, these classic vacuums are perfect for carpet and concrete alike.

Industrial Vacuum Hoses & Tools From Flexaust

The expert employees at Flexaust have decades of experience in manufacturing industrial vacuum hose solutions. Our comprehensive portfolio of vacuum hoses and tools contains a solution for any type of vacuum equipment. For more information about our capabilities or products, please contact us or request a quote.


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