Autumn Cleanup

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Municipalities and Towns: When it’s time for autumn cleanup, municipalities and towns have one of the hardest jobs due to the large areas they are responsible for cleaning up. From cleaning roads and streets, to public parks and plazas, large amounts of leaves must be collected and disposed of in a short period of time. To do this heavy-duty, commercial grade equipment is used to collect the largest amount of leaves possible at one time, while being durable enough to withstand the high volume of use. We offer heavy weight polyurethane hose that can be used with municipal loaders, and are ideal for leaf and debris collection. Check out more information on our Flx-Thane HD and Flx-Thane VHD hoses.

Commercial and Landscaping:
Many commercial land owners have large business parks that need to be cleaned of leaves for their tenants. This includes making sure sidewalks and walkways are clear to prevent any potential injuries from slippage, and making sure parking lots and spots are clear. Using landscaping services for commercial properties, they require flexible and heavy duty hose that will be compatible with their truck loaders. At Flexaust we offer different options of flexible hose that work great in outdoor environments including our Flexadux LCDC and Flexadux HT-W hoses which are designed with leaf collection in mind for commercial landscaping operations.

Residential: All residential home owners understand the mess that leaves can make when they pile up on lawns and sidewalks. Removing fallen leaves and debris from lawns and gardens is important to keep them healthy and growing. Leaf backup in gutters and on roofs could cause clogs and water backup which could lead to unnecessary damage. Collecting the leaves using a tractor vacuum is one of the easiest ways to do a full yard cleanup. Our flexible hoses are made to fit tractor vacuums, are available in different lengths, and designed for outdoor use to meet leaf collection needs. Check out more information about our Flex-Tube PVand Flex-Tube PU hoses.

As a manufacturer and supplier of flexible hose and ducting products for over 75 years, our products will help you meet all your leaf collection needs. For more information please reach out to us with any questions.