FlexStat CR – Static Dissipitave Hose For Clean Room Safety

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Static dissipative clean room hoseFlexaust introduces a new static dissipative hose for food and pharmaceutical clean rooms that reduces the potential for explosions involved with pneumatic conveying and powder processing.

FlexStat® CR Static Dissipative Hose is a specially formulated clear thermoplastic polyurethane hose with a rigid white external ABS helix and an embedded copper grounding wire. Ideally suited for pneumatic conveying and powder processing applications in clean rooms, this FDA acceptable hose prevents static buildup to help reduce the potential for explosions.

Available in 11 sizes from 1” to 8” I.D., with a 0.040” thick wall, FlexStat® CR Static Dissipative Hose provides 108-1010 Ohms/sq. surface resistivity and features a smooth interior to assure minimal friction loss. Operating from -40°F to 200°F, this static dissipative hose is clear for contents viewing and the external helix enhances flexibility and drag-resistance.

FlexStat® CR Static Dissipative Hose is priced according to size and comes in standard 25 and 50 ft. lengths, available plain or with cuffs.

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