Vacuum Cleaner Hose Kit Fits All Standard Wet/Dry Vacs

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MRO Kits - 2016 PR ImageFlexaust introduces a new MRO vacuum cleaner hose kit that includes a rugged hose with a swivel, cuff and inlet adapter, and utility and crevice tools along with a compact POP display.

The Flexaust MRO General Pick-Up Kit (Part # COMMROKIT) features a rugged 1-1/2” x 12 ft. flexible hose with a swivel cuff, and inlet adapter plus a 4” utility tool and an 11” crevice tool all packaged in a clear polybag. Developed to fit all standard wet/dry vacuums, the Flx Plus hose is made from a polyethylene copolymer, reinforced with an integral polyethylene helix, and is highly abrasion-, crush-, and chemical-resistant.

Reportedly four times more durable than standard wet/dry vacuum hose, the Flexaust MRO General Pick-Up Kit (Part # COMMROKIT) can be ordered with a stand-alone POP display (Part # TK1001) which includes 10 individual kits.  Requiring minimum floor space, the display has an 18” W x 19” D footprint.

Flexaust MRO General Pick-Up Kit (Part # COMMROKIT) and the full 10 piece POP display (Part # TK1001) pricing are available upon request.

For more information please contact Flexaust here.