Manufacturing Respirators in Partnership with Ford, General Motors, and 3M

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American manufacturers have stepped up to the challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic. On days where certain manufacturers are usually competitors, this pandemic has changed the way we think. As Ford, General Motors, and 3M have joined forces to reengineer powered-air purifying respirators (PAPR) for use in reducing exposure to airborne particles!

Hose for Respirator

Per Plastic Technology, “Ford and 3M have been working together since 1925, when masking tape was invented. Now they’ve taken that collaboration to a whole new level as Ford manufacturing engineers are on the factory floor of 3M facilities, helping increase the production of things like ventilators and N95 masks. What’s more, they are partnering on the reengineering of a pure-air respirator so that Ford can use components from its parts bin—like the fan to cool the seat in an F-150—to quickly scale production of these life-saving devices.”

Where does Flexaust come in? We collaborated to provide our flexible hose product to be used in the PAPR final product! With our hose product, partners were able to conceptualize, design, and launch production of the respirator hose assembly in a matter of weeks. We want to thank every one we have teamed up with during these unprecedented times and hope we can continue to make a difference where needed.

For more information on our coronavirus-fighting respirator, check out this feature on MSN.