General Purpose Thermoplastic Rubber Ventilation Hose

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A flexible, general purpose, wire-reinforced Santoprene® thermoplastic rubber hose that is well suited for wide range of ventilation and light bulk handling applications is available from Flexaust.

Flexaust Flexadux® TR T-7 Hose is a medium weight thermoplastic rubber hose that is reinforced with a spring steel wire helix and is highly resistant to chemicals, moisture, UV, and abrasion. Capable of handling toxic fumes, dust, sawdust, wood chips and similar materials, this Santoprene® hose comes in 2” to 24” I.D. dia. sizes and metrics in standard 25 and 50 ft. lengths.

Featuring a smooth interior to promote efficient air-flow, Flexaust’s Flexadux® TR T-7 Hose has a wall thickness of .025” for 2” dia. and .030” for 2.5” and above. Operating over a -60°F to 275°F range and providing good weather-ability, this versatile hose allows maintenance departments to inventory one hose rather than several different types, claims the firm.

Samples and price quotations are available upon request.

For more information please contact Flexaust here.