FlexStat – Now Available with Conductive Cuffs

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FlexStat + Cuffs PR ImageFlexaust introduces a full line of all-plastic static dissipative polyurethane hose that features an embedded copper grounding wire and is now offered with new conductive PVC cuffs for complete static protection.

FlexStat® Static Dissipative Hose is extruded from a specially formulated clear polyurethane with an ABS helix and an embedded copper grounding wire to reduce static build-up.  Featuring new screw-on conductive PVC cuffs for added protection and secure equipment connections, this highly flexible and abrasion-resistant hose is ideal for powder transfer and dust evacuation.

Helping to improve plant safety, FlexStat® Static Dissipative Hose with conductive cuffs allow the grounding wire to make full contact with vacuum machinery.  Made with FDA acceptable materials, this hose is 0.040” thick, provides 108–1010 Ohms/Sq. surface resistivity, and comes in 1” to 8” I.D. sizes with cuffs for 1.25”, 1.50”, and 2.00” sizes.  A smooth interior assures minimum friction loss and it operates from -40°F to 200°F.

FlexStat® Static Dissipative Hose is priced according to size, length, and quantity.  Free samples and price quotations are available upon request.

For more information please contact Flexaust here.