Flex-Tube PU-XT High Temp Polyurethane Hose – Ideal for Heat Generating Surface Prep Dust Collection

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Flex-Tube PU XT PR imageFlexaust introduces a new high-temperature polyurethane hose that is both puncture- and tear- resistant and can operate up to 260°F for dust collection from heat generating processes.

Flexaust® Flex-Tube PU-XT is a coextruded thermoplastic polyurethane hose with a rigid ABS external helix that operates from -40°F to 260°F for dust collection over a wide temperature range.  Combining high-heat and puncture- resistance, this flexible polyurethane hose provides 742 Pli tear strength and is more durable than heavier EPDM, thermoplastics, and rubber hoses.

Featuring a smooth interior surface to promote efficient hot air flow, Flexaust® Flex-Tube PU-XT is crush-resistant and offered in 2” to 8” dia. sizes in standard 12- and 25 ft. lengths.  OEM colors and custom lengths are also offered.  Typical applications include cutting and surface preparation processes that generate heat or involve hot tanks.

Flexaust® Flex-Tube PU-XT is priced according to size and quantity.  Samples and pricing are available upon request.

For more information please contact Flexaust here.