Flexaust is once again ahead by a “Hose”

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Flexaust introduces Flex-Tube® EF (Eco-Friendly) flexible hose. Flex-tube® EF offers a green alternative to PVC’s. This clear, phthalate-free, co-extruded hose with a rigid polypropylene helix has a smooth interior for very efficient air flow.

Now more than ever, Flexaust is committed to your green requirements. Flex-Tube® EF is our most eco-friendly hose, co-extruded polyolefin elastomer,  virtually no outgassing, low VOC’s, lightweight, good chemical and abrasion resistance.

Flex-Tube® is available in 2.5″ to 10″ inside diameter.  Screw-on cuffs and bridge clamps are available to provide a tight seal to equipment.

You too can be ahead by a hose.