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Insulation Blowing Hose | Flexaust’s Mark®2 Insulation Blowing Hose

Leaf Vacuum Hose | Choosing the Right Hose for Lawn & Garden Applications

Industrial Vacuum Hoses and Tools

What are Anti-Static Hoses?

Flexible hoses used in highly volatile industrial environments have the potential to produce sparks, which may ignite flammable dust particles to cause fires or explosions. This potential makes it necessary for high-risk facilities to use anti-static hoses in their facilities and operations.

What Is an Industrial Hose?

The term “industrial hose” is a broad category that refers to hoses and ducts used for specific industrial purposes.

Connecting Wire Rope Rings

Leaf Collection

It’s Lawn & Leaf Season

Flexaust offers leaf vac. hose for almost any piece of equipment.

Flexaust’s Flex-Tube PV

Flexaust offers Mulch Blowing hose in 100 foot lengths.

Flexaust’s Flex-Tube PU

Check out Flexaust’s Flex-Tube PV crush resistant all-plastic flexible hose. Withstands the weight of a truck!

Making Industrial Hose & Tube

In this video, the Discovery Channel’s popular “How It’s Made” program takes a look at the unique process of making Industrial Hose & Tube.