Fume Exhaust Hose Handles Temperatures up to 1200°F

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high temp fume exhaust hoseFlexaust introduces a new flexible high temperature two-ply clip hose for handling extreme heat that provides good flexibility and flow characteristics and is suitable for reel & drop systems.

Flexaust® Flex-Lok® 1200 High Temperature Hose features a coated two-ply wire inserted fiberglass fabric which is mechanically crimped in a mechanical process and formed into a clip and acts as an external wear-strip. Designed for use at extreme temperatures up to 1200°F, this flame-resistant hose offers good flexibility and flow, making it ideal for reel & drop systems.

Offered in sizes from 4” to 18” dia. and standard 25 ft. lengths, Flexaust® Flex-Lok® 1200 High Temperature Hose is an effective replacement for metal pipe. Typical applications include diesel exhaust, dynamometer testing, glass drying, MRO, and fume extraction in the steel industry and others.

Flexaust® Flex-Lok® 1200 High Temperature Hose is priced according to size and quantity. Price quotations and samples are available upon request.

For more information please contact Flexaust here.