Clean it Up...with Flexaust Lawn & Leaf Collection Products

Hard to believe it's that time of year again. Flexaust has added a new product line, Flex-Tube, to their leaf & lawn products. The all plastic Flex-Tube is ideal for light to heavy duty fall clean-up.  Flexaust has just the right hose for the residential landscaper to the heavy duty municipality debris collection equipment and ready to supply you with a great selection.


  LCDC &  HT-W  
Truck Loaders
  • Good abrasion and tear resistance
  • Offers additional drag resistance
  • Stocked in 10' lengths for the season


MD & HD 
Flexadux PU
Heavy Duty
  • Great flexibility and excellent tear strength
  • Withstands punctures and abrasion
  • Stocked in 10' lengths for the season
PV (PVC) & PU (ether based polyurethene)
Tractor Vacuum
  • Ultra smooth interior
  • Crush resistant
  • Very flexible
  • Great abrasion & puncture
     resistance (PU)
  • Stocked in 12' lengths for the season
Leaf Stocked in 10' lengths & 12' lengths (Flex-Tube) for the season
Leaf ALL 10' and 12' lengths are UPSable
Leaf Clamps & connectors available for all diameters
Leaf Flexaust offers a full-line of leaf collection hoses in the most popular diameters for replacement hose on equipment
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