Is Your Dust Combustible?

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OSHA Combustible Dust PosterChanges in OSHA regulations and safety requirements against dust build-up may directly apply to you.  Workplace combustible dust related fires and explosions seem to be occurring with more regularity. Dust build-up in facilities is the main cause of these disasters.

Flexaust manufactures static dissipative vacuum hoses, FlexStat® and FlexStat® CR (clean room), that can be used as a prevention measure by controlling dust build-up in powder applications. There are more simple measures that can be taken to ensure facility safety including duct systems, dust collectors, explosion proof vacuums, grounding hoses to equipment to help minimize a static charge and basic “housekeeping”.

OSHA publishes a Combustible Dust Poster to further elevate awareness. Click on the image to the left or the link above to view the poster for a complete list of products and materials that have the potential for explosion. It’s also suitable for printing and posting in the workplace!