Flex-Lok TCF

Double-ply construction black Teflon® fabric hose with a silver heat-resistant fiberglass liner mechanically crimped in a continuous process


  • Fabric is locked around a coated steel wire by a metal strip formed into a clip
  • Metal strip acts as a wearstrip and offers outstanding external abrasion resistance
  • Fiberglass liner increases tensile strength for a longer life cycle
  • Excellent fatigue resistance & good flex characteristics
  • Excellent for reel & drop systems
  • Sealed exterior prevents the escape of dangerous fumes
  • Ideal for venting many of today’s harsh chemicals
  • Available with a non-marking thermoplastic rubber clip cover to protect the helix & the equipment that is attached to the hose, consult sales team to discuss appropriate applications
  • Standard Max. Inside Diameter = 18", Custom to 20"
  • Negative pressure fan system with ambient air inlet recommended to maximize effectiveness and life of duct


Product Line Material Min. Inside Diameter Max. Inside Temp. Range LOW Temp. Range HIGH Lengths
Coated Fabric 04" 20" -60° 600° 25'